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The 7 Web Development Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

A website is not only a tool that helps promote both your online and offline business; it is a tool that can help you make money in many ways. With the help of the right web development techniques, you can earn money through pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing and other such money making methods.

However similarly, the use of the wrong web development techniques can also lead to a website that does not help you earn as much money as it should. So here are some tips to remember to avoid during the development phase of your website.

  1. Never create a web page with ineffective copy as it will only distract visitors. Don’t just fill your page with content; use headlines and sub-headlines so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for in your website. If the visitor finds it difficult to figure out what is available in the website, they just leave your website for another more readable and accessible one.
  2. The copy you use can influence your website traffic. It is essential that the web content you use in your website makes the visitor feel that the visit is worth it. The content should help them by providing information and solutions to whatever they were looking for. It’s better if you also include some stories and examples as facts that help the visitor relate to the web content.
  3. If you are selling products, you will definitely lose money because of web development if you don’t include testimonials in your website. People get more confident of buying a product if they read about the experiences and views of other people who have already used it.
  4. Don’t just stuff web content in your website. You have to use the right keywords so that your target market can easily reach you with the help of search engines, blogs and article submissions. If you are unsure of the keywords to use, you could use the help of software to choose keywords for your web content.
  5. Regarding your web design, avoid using scripted fonts. It is better to use universal fonts like Verdana and Arial that everyone will have loaded on their computer. If you use scripted fonts, some people may not have the font on their computer, and thus will not be able to read your web content. This could lead to the loss of potential business to your website.
  6. Don’t use too bright colors or colors that may be offensive to some cultures. The best color to use is universal colors like blue and green, which are also great for use in the corporate market.
  7. Last, but not least, don’t do the web development mistake of just creating your website and not checking it. You have to test everything you do in the web development process; graphics, links, shopping carts, web content, etc to ensure they work as they should before uploading the site. Never upload an incomplete website as it does more harm than good to your website.

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