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Determining Quality Web Development Services – Refer to the Portfolio

Whether you are in the business of selling products, delivering services, or building your client allegiance, you cannot deny the need of well organized web based applications. A website built with these applications can help you get enormous returns on your investment in terms of time and money. However, since many people and companies are offering web development services these days, it often becomes an uphill task to find the right company that matches your goals and budget. You should be careful while choosing a web development company as the right choice can not only change the way visitors comprehend your brand and offerings, but even bring exponential traffic to your website. So, if you are wondering how to select the right company, here is an easy way out – check the portfolio of your short listed service providers to take your pick.

While checking the portfolio of web development service providers, see if they are familiar with HTML, CSS or XHTML. Since these are some of the basic criteria for web development, they would not be able to create your website if they do not understand or are not proficient in them. If you need some other advanced features like Flash, interactive elements or shopping carts with secured online payment options, check if the company has done a similar job before. Coming across something that matches your vision or is close to what you want to accomplish may help you chose the right company.

Check the portfolio to judge how the sites developed by the company fare in terms of cross browser compatibility. Remember that your visitors may use different browsers to access your website. In order to cater to all of them, your website should function well on all the major browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera etc. If your website looks great on Firefox but is a mess on IE, you will end up losing all your IE visitors. So, checking how your short listed provider offering web development services copes with this factor is an important point in decision making.

Slow loading time is another big turn-off for Internet users. If your website makes people wait for long the first time, they are unlikely to visit it again. So, while checking the portfolio, test how fast the sites built by the service provider load as this would give you some idea about how good the company is at making websites. Remember -you will be able to have high visitor retention rates only if you have websites that load fast.

Though many SEO tactics come into play after the site gets designed, there are some SEO considerations that should be taken care of during the development phase itself. So, check if the websites featured on the portfolio are search engine friendly or not.

Taking a look at what type of databases and server side programming languages are used are some other aspects that you should consider while going through the portfolio. So, determine the quality of web development services by testing the portfolio based on the factors as mentioned above.

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