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8 Common Web Development Mistakes to Avoid

Practically all businesses today have a website; which use the help of web development techniques to ensure the proper functioning of the website. However no matter how professional or amateur the web developer or company may be, there are some common web development mistakes they tend to make.

Here is a list of the most common mistakes which should be avoided lest your number of website visitors and your business is reduced.

Never make the mistake of placing a sign on your website saying ‘the site is under construction’ as it only drives visitors away. It is only when your website is ready should it be shown to the public.

1. Don’t forget to include copyright statements in your web pages lest your website content and design ends up getting copied by others. This will not make your content or design unique, and will lead to a reduction of website visitors. In fact, it is better to include these statements in all your web pages to ensure complete security of the website.

2. It is of course necessary to use the latest web development technologies to upgrade and maintain your website. However sometimes, too much of this too may distract visitors. So work at limiting, but using only some of the latest technologies to improve your website.

3. No one but you is actually bothered about how many people have visited your site. Too low a number can draw away visitors while too high figures only make people think that the figures are too high to be true. So the best thing to do is not to include these details in your website; just use the help of web analytics services to find out how many visitors you had.

4. Avoid using passive verbs on web pages as it makes your website look lazy. Instead use active verbs and sentences as they make your website look more powerful and energetic to the visitor.

5. While creating web content as a part of web development, avoid producing long pages as most people are not interested into reading so much to find the information they are looking for. A better alternative is to create short, bulleted web pages with bolded headlines to direct visitors to the specific information they are looking for.

6. Scanty navigation and broken links is a no-no in web development. An easily navigation website where visitors can easily reach the pages and information they want is always a better option to a website where visitors have to search for pages and links.

7. Moreover links that lead to a dead end are always a put-off to visitors; so avoid broken links. Constantly monitor your web pages to ensure there are no broken links in it.

8. Don’t do the mistake of creating web pages with no call to action. Any space found on the website should tell what the visitor has to do next like ‘order now’ or ‘sign up’. Blank spaces will only make the visitor blank, and drive them away.

Now that you know what the most common web development mistakes are, you may as well make it a point to avoid them while creating your website and web pages.

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